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Study Guide

This is a brief study guide that provides information I found helpful in understanding how The Old Testament fit together as a whole.  Once I understood the following information, I was able to understand much more about how the entire Old Testament fit together as a complete story.  Check out this STUDY GUIDE (PDF) to learn more about:

- The basic geography of the region

- The difference between the Northern Kingdom of Israel (all bad kings) and the Southern Kingdom of Judah (some good kings, most of which descended from King David)

- Who was King when

- The key points in history (FYI much of The Bible is not in chronological order, especially once you get past Esther).

- And most importantly, once I figured out to whom the prophets were talking and about what time that they spoke (relative to the fall of the Northern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom) the entire back part of The Old Testament made so much more sense to me.

If you have ever wondered “What does The Bible say?”, “What is The Bible about?”, or “What does The Bible teach?” then I hope that you find this simple little study guide along with The Minute Bible summary as helpful as I did.